Ringo Runzhou Ye is an artist, architect and designer. His works range from graphic design, architectural design, interactive installation, AR/VR, projection mapping and sound creation. His current research focuses on the role of Mixed Reality in Art Interventionism, and how virtual visual information affects the emotions and perspectives of the participants.

When he worked at BIAD UFo in Beijing, he was involved in projects such as Lize SOHO, Phoenix International Media Center. He also gained professional experience in stage design and interaction design while he worked at Trask House in Los Angeles. His works have been exhibited in multiple venues such as Montreal CHI 2018, Bombay Beach Art Biennale, Los Angeles CES, Coachella Music Festival, etc.

He has the M.S degree in Art, Culture and Technology at MIT. In addition, he is a core member of Harvard University’s Chinese Art Media Lab (CAMLab) and is the head of technical design.